• Me and My Fear

    When a young girl has to travel to a new country and start at a new school, her Fear tells her to be alone and afraid. How can she hope to make friends if she doesn’t understand their language?

    Francesca Sanna‘s new book helps young readers understand what it might be like for a friend who is new to their school or town, and shows the importance of sharing our fears in order to connect with one another.

  • The Artists (Tales from the Hidden Valley Book 1)

    Welcome to the beautifully imagined world of Carles Porta‘s new series!

    It’s Autumn in the hidden valley and change is in the air. Ticky is about to fly away to warmer places and Yula is painting him a farewell gift. But when Yula draws she loses track of time altogether and before she knows it she may miss her chance to say goodbye…

  • The Dog that Ate the World

    Down in the valley, all the animals live in peace among their own kind, happy but not quite united… until the day the dog appeared…

    With lush and richly textured illustrations, Sandra Dieckmann’s vibrant second picture book is a folktale-inspired tale of friendship and community in uncertain times.


  • Ancient Warriors

    Ever wondered what the first weapons were made from, or how the ancient Mongol warriors defeated the great armies of China?

    Famous battles, brave generals, and ingenious weapons all come alive
    in this exciting illustrated book.

  • Hilda and The Stone Forest

    The city of Trolberg has some dark secrets to reveal… and our favourite blue-haired adventurer is about to discover them!

    Hilda is starting to shirk her responsibilities, seeking days filled with excitement instead of spending time at home… and her mother is getting worried. Will they be able to work out their differences in time to rescue each other and get back home? And are the trolls all as sinister as they seem?

  • The Secret of Black Rock

    This captivating modern folk-tale by talented illustrator, Joe Todd-Stanton, explores the extraordinary relationship we can have with the natural world around us,

    Erin Pike is fascinated by the legend of Black Rock, a huge, dark and spiky mass that is said to destroy any boats that come near it! But are these tales really true? One day Erin sneaks on board her mother’s fishing boat to find out…