The Comet: What Can You See From Your Window Worksheet

Whoosh! There goes a bright comet, whizzing past Nyla’s bedroom window.

The first time Nyla sees a comet, her view is full of trees, rolling hills, and the sea – with the sky full of stars. When she moves to the city and she sees a comet again, this time her view is tall grey towers, rooftops, and houses bordering her home.

Everyone has a different view from their window, with interesting things to see – like gardens, parks, neighbours or perhaps even a beach.

Joe Todd-Stanton’s new picture book The Comet is all about imagination and what makes a home. Try out this colouring worksheet based on one of the book’s illustrations to share what your windows at home look out onto, or perhaps imagine what you might see if you lived somewhere else.

This is a great worksheet to inspire creativity. We recommend it for avid scribblers, keen doodlers and eager pencil-owners of all ages!

Download here:

The Comet

Joe Todd-Stanton

When Nyla has to leave her home in the countryside to start life again in the city, all she can think about is everything she misses from before. So when a comet comes crashing through the city streets and starts glow and grow, Nyla can’t resist a chance to head somewhere that feels closer to what she had before … but what starts as an escape could be just the thing to make her finally feel at home.