The Boy on Fire Teacher Resources

If you’re looking for an in-depth activity pack, filled with thoughtful activities and creative challenges, look no further! These brilliant teacher resources have been prepared by SHAPES for Schools in response to our picture book, The Boy on Fire by Sarthak Sinha. We’ve shown a taster below, but there are EIGHT pages of activities to enjoy!

Download the full PDF HERE

The Boy on Fire

by Sarthak Sinha

Meet Til, a spirited young boy who has an extraordinary quality – he’s always on fire. But being ablaze sets him apart from others, leaving him feeling sad and alone.

One day, he encounters a twinkling star and discovers a magical friendship that unveils the secret truth: Til’s radiant light is a beacon of warmth and brilliance.  Soon his vibrant light begins to touch the lives of those around him, inspiring them to find and celebrate their own radiant glows.

The Boy on Fire will ignite young hearts and remind readers of all ages that our differences are what make us shine brightest. Embrace the warmth, embrace the light, and discover the joy of being uniquely you!