Festive Activities to Make and Do!

Take time with your little ones to try out a new activity – whether it’s a colouring sheet, video or even a play set! Activities like these are perfect to unleash creativity and fill the days once school is out for Christmas.

Read on to discover brand new activities for The Secret Lives of Dragons, The Adventures of Team Pom, Beetles For Breakfast, Curious About Crocodiles, The Planet in a Pickle Jar and Bandoola: The Great Elephant Rescue.

If your little one already loves one of the books on this list, it’s a great opportunity to revisit the story this December and get in the festive spirit. Or, try out one of the activities from a title they’ve not read before – and, if it’s a hit, give the book a try.

We hope you and your family have fun trying these activities together!

Colouring Sheet

The Secret Lives of Dragons

This Christmas dragon hoards treats in its mysterious cave… colour in its lair to discover the festive secrets hidden inside! 

The printable colouring sheet is inspired by The Secret Lives of Dragons and created by illustrator Alexander Utkin.

Recipe Comic

The Adventures of Team Pom: Squid Happens

There’s nothing better than baking a tasty treat at Christmas time – and now you can bake with Team Pom! Download and print this mince pie bao recipe created by Isabel Roxas which includes the characters from The Adventures of Team Pom.

Find the bao dough recipe at https://teampom.team/free-stuff, then use this mincemeat recipe to make mince pie flavour steamed buns!  

Five Eco Ideas To Try Out

Beetles For Breakfast

Learn how to enjoy a green Christmas this year with the author of Beetles For Breakfast!

In this video, Madeleine Finlay shares 5 ways can we adapt our Christmas celebrations so we consume less and can be more green – why not try one of these tips this year and get started on a sustainable holiday tradition?

Colouring Sheet

Curious About Crocodiles

Print out this croc-tactic colouring sheet and colour in some of our scaly friends as they wish you a ‘snappy Christmas’! 

Created by Owen Davey, this design of baby saltwater crocodiles is based on the brilliant illustrated guide, Curious About Crocodiles.

Paper Play Set

The Planet in a Pickle Jar

Try out this paper play set inspired by The Planet in a Pickle Jar! Children can print and colour in Grandma’s house and all the characters found inside the book. Then, cut them out and make them stand up to create a story – and explain why exactly there are wild animals rogue in this house! Created by Martin Stanev, this is based on the charming new picture book selected as one of the best Children’s books of 2021 by The Observer.

Tip: print the house (page 2) on thick paper or card (160gsm is recommended) in order for it to stand up!

Drawing Tutorial

Bandoola: The Great Elephant Rescue

Learn to draw an elephant with award-winning illustrator and the creator of Bandoola: The Great Elephant RescueWilliam Grill. Pull out your art supplies and use this easy-to-follow drawing tutorial to pencil our favourite heroic elephant, Bandoola.

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