Cactus Kid and the Battle for Star Rock Mountain: Activity Sheets

Explore our collection of resources for our new book, Cactus Kid and the Battle for Star Rock Mountain.

First up: Discussion notes! Download them HERE

We also have a brilliant Create-Your-Own-Character guide by Emmanuel Guerrero, creator of Cactus Kid!

Download Character Guide HERE

Thirdly, we have some wonderful Cactus Kid printable activity sheets.

Download Activity Sheets HERE

About the book:

Meet Cactus Kid, a tough little cactus with a point to prove! Embark on an adventure packed with motorbikes, magic, and mayhem in the first instalment of this exciting new comic series.

Cactus Kid has exiled himself to the Neverending Desert to master magic and prove to his all-powerful father that he is the best wizard alive. All he needs is a piece of star rock to supercharge his magic, but he’s not the only one after it. Caught in the crossfire between rival gangs of the Clams and the Shells, he must compete in the epic and death-defying moto-brawl race to get a single slice of the star rock. Meanwhile, a shadowy lizard figure is scouring the desert. Armed with a mystical compass, this bounty hunter is searching for any magic he can get his hands on…

Once the Moto-Brawl begins Cactus Kid learns that sometimes even lone heroes need allies. But will he and his new-found friends be able to see off the competition and the mysterious bounty hunter to emerge victorious before sunset?

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