Antarctica Quiz

Antarctica was written by marine biologist Dr Helen Scales and polar scientist Professor Kate Hendry, who kindly wrote these fun quiz questions, based on their brilliant book. Helen and Kate are sisters who grew up exploring the coast together.

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Scientists in the Wild: Antarctica

Kate Hendry, Helen Scales, Rômolo D’Hipólito

Join a team of seven scientists as they explore one of the most extreme and remote environments on Earth – Antarctica.

Tasked with studying the changing environment and wildlife, a team of scientists will set sail onboard the Noto to explore Antarctica. To get the job done, they will use drones to track colonies of penguins, board deep-diving submersibles to monitor huge melting glaciers, and drill to investigate ancient ice cores.

By studying the changing climate and what rising temperatures mean for the future of our planet, the team will discover practical ways we can help look after Antarctica and its unique ecosystem.

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