My Dad Used To Be So Cool Cards For Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up on the 19th of June! To celebrate all the dads who used be cool just like the dad in Keith Negley’s picture book, we are sharing three illustrated cards that you can print at home to give this Father’s Day.

Did your dad used to be cool? Wondering what happened to his rock band playing, skateboarding days? My Dad Used To Be So Cool is the funny and relatable story showing children how their parents are still cool after all, even if it’s not in quite the same way!

We have three beautiful card options to choose from that have been created using the beautiful art inside the book. Share one of these cards with a dad who used to be cool this Father’s Day and pair it with a copy of the brilliant children’s picture book (here) for a gift that celebrates what a brilliant dad they are.

Find below all the cards available to download and print. We recommend printing on card to make your card stand up.

There are three cards to choose from. Find two options for a homemade card that can be coloured-in, painted, or used to make a collage! Or, pick our colour card option to skip the colouring-in step.

Say Happy Father’s Day with this card of a Dad and child playing in the playground! Illustration by Keith Negley from picture book My Dad Used To Be So Cool.

Does your dad love hanging around on the monkey bars and playing with you on the jungle gym? Colour-in this scene from My Dad Used To Be So Cool by Keith Negley to make a Father’s Day card!

A card for the dad who used to be cool – rocking out, getting tattoos, and riding a motorcycle – and now prefers a day out at the seaside. Show a dad that he’s loved with this illustration from My Dad Used To Be So Cool by Keith Negley. (Print me in colour!)

My Dad Used to Be so Cool

Keith Negley

Now for the first time in paperbook, parents and children will both enjoy engaging with this book, presented in Negley’s unique style where words are minimal and the emotive illustrations really carry the story along.

“Negley is carving out a niche exploring 21st-century masculinity issues for little dudes, in sincere and graphically sophisticated picture books that design-conscious parents will be happy to keep around the house.” —The New York Times