Reza Dalvand

Reza Dalvand was born in Andimeshk, Iran. After studying graphic design at Isfahan University of Art, he went on to complete a master’s degree in Illustration at the University of Tehran, where he currently lives. Reza has illustrated many books for children and his work has been internationally recognised.

To find out a little more about his work, we asked Owen the following questions:

  • What inspires your work?


Everything in the world. Nature, cities, people and their behaviors. From the best books and great writers and illustrators. from Persian culture, global culture and daring and brave artists.

Also I love animation, movie and music. they are effective on my books.


  • Tell us a bit about your writing/illustration process.


I’m an illustrator-Author and I prefer work on my texts. although I worked so much as an illustrator for other writers, too. I have a notebook, it’s full of the good ideas. after a while I’ll come back on my note book, I choose an idea and continue it.

Then I work on the rough pages. sometime with digital pen and sometime with pencil. Although finally my works are not digital. I prefer work with oil color and color pencil. they have very good feeling and I’m comfortable with them.

My sketches are so confusing for others, very simple and unclear. But I see final illustration on them! I know what I want and just I start it.

An important part of my work(though small) is improvised and unplanned. This section is very important and exciting. I love it