Jarom Vogel

Jarom Vogel is an illustrator, designer and digital artist who lives and works freelance in Utah. Having originally enrolled at Brigham Young University to study Dentistry, he soon gave in to his childhood passion for drawing and switched to an Illustration major. He has worked for a range of high-profile clients including Harper Collins and Apple.

To find out a little more about his work, we asked Jarom to answer the following questions…

What inspires your work?
Color, nature, outdoors, life in general, music, books, movies, motion— a bit of everything I guess?

Tell us a bit about your process….
My process currently is to do some kind of sketch in pencil or digitally, probably erase it and redraw it about a million times. When I finally have something I like, I take the sketch and trace over the shapes with the selection tool. I use a large texture brush to sort of scribble in the colors I want within that selection. I find this gives me clean shapes while keeping some nice chaos on the inside. When I’m feeling ambitious I will occasionally do the same thing but with contact paper and an x-acto knife, then paint in the shapes with acrylic. But this is incredibly tedious, so usually
digital is faster and more forgiving. I think as an artist you can either be really talented, or really patient. I am definitely
the patient kind. I usually draw a stroke and undo it many times before I’m happy with it (again, this is why digital is nice). Other than that, my process is pretty normal —I draw a sketch, refine the sketch, and then finish it. The refining part is the hardest for me. Whether I’m working with paint or digitally I tend to do a lot of masking to get clean edges on my shapes. It’s a lot easier digitally, but I like the way it turns out with paint.