Emmanuelle Walker

Emmanuelle is a London based Animation director and illustrator from Montreal, Quebec, who has worked with animation studios across the world. As well as contributing to Nobrow magazine (Nobrow 8: Hysteria), she is the illustrator of Beautiful Birds and Dogs in Cars.

What inspires your work?

Vivian Maier for her compositions and lighting, Gregg Araki for directing the best atypical teen movies, National Geographic for its unlimited resources and beauty, Roald Dahl and Babette Cole and L’ecole des Loisirs for marking my childhood, Claude Ponti for his crazy imagination, the Internet for the blogs of all sorts filled with weird, funny, disturbing images and videos. Nicolas De Crecy and Bill Plympton who gave me the urge to draw/animate, Heidi Slimane for his taste and eye, Eyving Earle for his backgrounds and colours. And many, many more…!

Tell us a bit more about your process

When I received the text for Beautiful Birds I made tiny thumbnails for every page. I wanted to create a beautiful dynamic evolution in the compositions throughout the book and to play with shapes and movement within each image. I then moved on to roughing out the images in a sketchbook. They were then scanned and the colour stage began.