Angela Sangma Francis

Angela Sangma Francis was born in Mymensingh, Bangladesh, and spent her childhood in Hanoi and later among the rolling hills of Dartmoor in Devon, UK. She studied English Literature at Goldsmiths University of London and has worked in various roles in children’s literature, comics and visual storytelling, from freelance editing at several publishers to running ELCAF (East London Comics & Arts Festival) with a team of five women. Her work has been translated into seventeen languages and she has been selected as the winner for a number of awards: The Best Young People’s Book Award from Openbook in Taiwan, Outstanding Science Trade Book by the Children’s Book Council, Grand Prix Mountain Book of the Year at Lądek Zdrój. She also received a Special Mention for the Bologna Ragazzi Award and her short story, Crocodile, was recently shortlisted for the Alpine Fellowship. Currently, Angela lives in Berlin where she is creating a club for two of her favourite things: Books & Curry.