Leo and the Gorgon’s Curse (Paperback)

Buried amongst the treasures in Professor Brownstone’s vaults lies a humble collection of books. Filled with legendary stories from his ancestors, they tell of fearless fighters and unlikely heroes. Venturing into Greek mythology, this is the fourth title in the Brownstone’s Mythical Collection.

Full of dangerous challenges, cunning monsters and godly heroes, this title is sure to be a hit with fans of the series and anyone interested in the fascinating tales of Greek mythology.

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Arthur and the Golden Rope

Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx

Kai and the Monkey King

Leo and the Gorgon’s Curse

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 21.5 × 29.5 cm
Pages 64pp
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781838740399
Age 5-7 years
Books Children's Books Illustration Books
Genre Fiction Picture books
Tags *BESTSELLERS* Children's Books Fiction Paperbacks

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