A Day That’s Ours Poetry and Mindfulness Workshop

Follow the same course as the parent and child in the book A Day That’s Ours by Blake Nuto with a mindfulness exercise that will take you on an adventure of your local area, connect with nature and help you build a poem! This activity is perfect for young children 3-5, as it’s all about using our imaginations and paying close attention to the world around us.

This workshop has been created by the author of A Day That’s Ours, Blake Nuto. Watch the video below all the way through to understand what the poetry and mindfulness activity involves. Then, print out the activity sheet below to help you remember each step as you set out on your journey and make a day that’s yours!

Download and print the guide

A Day That’s Ours

Blake Nuto & Vyara Boyadjieva

In this heart-warming, poetic story, a father and child share the last few moments of quiet before the school year begins. They take the time to notice each detail as they spend their special day together – from making a special pancake breakfast to noticing each spider’s web and falling feather. A moving story for parents to share with their little ones as they take their first steps into school or nursery.