• Leo and the Gorgon’s Curse

    By Joe Todd-Stanton

    Buried amongst the treasures in Professor Brownstone’s vaults, lie a humble collection of books. Filled with legendary stories from his ancestors, they tell of fearless fighters and unlikely heroes. Venturing into Greek mythology, this is the fourth title in the Brownstone’s Mythical Collection.

  • The Secret Lives of Mermaids

    By Professor Anuk Tola & Anja Sušanj

    Dive in to discover all there is to know about mermaids in this beautifully illustrated book. But wait – if you thought mermaids were fantasy creatures who existed only in myth and fairytale, think again! New research has uncovered what a rich and varied group of beings they are.

  • Kai and the Monkey King

    By Joe Todd-Stanton

    When Kai grows tired of her bookish mum not being adventurous enough for a Brownstone, she decides to seek out the mischievous and rebellious Monkey King. Will he bring her the adventure she craves, or will he cause her more trouble than he’s worth? Now in paperback !

  • Mason Mooney: Paranormal Investigator

    By Seaerra Miller

    Join Paranormal Investigator Mason Mooney as he tackles ghosts, witches and grumpy teenagers to prove once and for all who the REAL talent in the world of paranormal creatures. But with an evil curse looming over him and Grimbrook’s inhabitants, can Mason finally prove to the Paranormal Society that he’s the best around – or is he a bit out of his depth?

  • A Journey Through Greek Myths

    By Marchella Ward & Sander Berg

    Delve deep into the mythology of Ancient Greece in this stunning compendium of tales. From the heroes of Athens and Sparta to gods and goddesses, take a magical illustrated journey through the Mediterranean. You’ll learn about the places where each story took place, and why myths matter.

  • All Sorts

    By Pippa Goodhart and Emily Rand

    In a world of endless colours, sizes and shapes it’s easy to get a little dizzy. But can there ever be order amid the chaos? Join one little girl on her journey to find out just what makes the world a beautiful place to be in.

  • Season of the Witch: A Spellbinding History of Witches and Other Magical Folk

    By Matt Ralphs and Núria Tamarit

    Magic and witchcraft have fascinated people for thousands of years. From Ancient Mesopotamian priests to modern day Wiccans, find out the truth about witches throughout history and across the globe, in this spellbinding book filled with myths, legends and magic.

  • Shy Ones

    By Simona Ciraolo

    Who’s this? A little flapjack octopus. You may almost have missed him. You see, he’s not the type to stand out in a crowd. Unless you were looking for him, you might not spot him at all… He’s one of the shy ones.

    Stunningly illustrated by bestselling creator Simona Ciraolo, this beautifully delicate picture book explores the topics of shyness and friendship.

  • Freedom, We Sing

    By Amyra León and Molly Mendoza

    As powerful as it is beautiful, Freedom, We Sing is a lyrical picture book designed to uplift and inspire millions of young readers around the world. Gorgeous, flowing illustrations let children immerse themselves in Amyra León’s emotive text, as they contemplate big, wonderful questions.

  • Akissi: Even More Tales of Mischief

    By Marguerite Abouet and Mathieu Sapin

    Our plucky young troublemaker Akissi is back with even more tales of mischief on The Ivory Coast! This time, she plays matchmaker with mixed results, tries to avoid moving to the snowy, wolf-infested wilds of Paris, and turns her hand to poetry – which stinks.

  • Child of Galaxies

    By Blake Nuto and Charlotte Ager

    An inspiring illustrated storybook for children who love to think and dream. Take a journey through a magical world of ideas to look into the deeper meanings of the things you see around you.

    Child of Galaxies is a thought-provoking and poignant picture book, celebrating the wonder, mystery and joy of what it means to be alive.

  • My Dad Used To Be So Cool (Paperback)

    By Keith Negley

    Did your dad use to be cool? Wondering what happened to his rock band playing, skateboarding days? This funny and relatable story shows children how their parents are still cool after all, even if it’s not in quite the same way!

    Now for the first time in paperback, parents and children will both enjoy engaging with this book, presented in Negley’s unique style.

  • Ancient Games

    By Iris Volant and Avalon Nuovo

    Run with the Olympic athletes and sweat it out in the deadly ballgame courts of the Aztecs in this beautifully illustrated and informative guide to the sports and games that have entertained people for the past 2500 years.

    With fascinating facts and detailed pictures, this book is the perfect guide to everything to do with games, from the tiniest chess pieces to the biggest sports tournaments.