Adventures of a Japanese Businessman

Out now from Nobrow press, Adventures of a Japanese Businessman is the English language debut from extraordinary Spanish cartoonist José Domingo.

After a typical day at work, an unsuspecting Japanese businessman steps out of his office and into a world of bizarre adventure.  Dragged from escapade to escapade, each more crazy than the last, our unlikely hero finds himself travelling from the mountains of Nepal to the bowels of the earth, from the belly of a monster to the headquarters of an evil cult, and even to hell and back.

All told in beautifully rendered, highly detailed panels, the action unfolds at a relentless pace, as if created by stream of consciousness.  Full of irreverent humour and brilliant detail that will keep you staring at the pages for hours, Adventures of a Japanese Businessman is an unmissable comic book experience.

José Domingo, the creator of this unusual odyssey, has been illustrating and cartooning in his native Spain for many years.  Having wisely decided against a potential career in motor racing, Domingo became a character designer and storyboard artist before getting into comics, which he’s worked at ever since, eventually founding a studio in La Coruña with a group of like-minded artists.

Presented in a beautiful hardcover edition with Nobrow’s usual incredible print quality, Adventures of a Japanese Businessman is a hilarious, unique comic book delight.

Weight 1.112 kg
Dimensions 33 × 24 cm
Pages 120pp
Format Hardback
ISBN 9781907704536
Books Illustration Books
Tags Comics Hardback Nobrow

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