• Wild and Tame Animals

    Feral cats!  Vicious packs of ferocious dogs!  Rowdy pigs and rambunctious horses!  Long ago all animals were wild!  In Wild and Tame Animals, readers will begin a journey of discovery as Dahlov Ipcar presents a wealth of fierce animals trained by our early ancestors to the tame animals we know today.  This wonderful children’s book is the latest in the Dahlov Ipcar collection, reprinting the beloved author/illustrator’s beautiful classics for a new generation!

  • Let’s Go Outside

    Introducing a brand new series of mini-hardbacks designed for young readers!  Kids love to be outside in the wonderful world that surrounds us.  There’s so much to see and so much to learn!  Katja Spitzer‘s fun and colourful illustrations in Let’s Go Outside take children for a walk through the great outdoors, teaching them new words for the wonder all around them!

  • How Many Legs?

    A brand new series of mini-hardbacks perfectly designed for little hands and eager young readers from the wonderful Katja Spitzer!  How Many Legs? showcases Katja’s quirky and vibrant illustrations and teaches kids about counting from one to ten.  A little book filled with big fun for curious kids!

  • Mad About Monkeys

    A fun guide to everything from the smallest Pygmy Marmoset to the largest Mandrill, Mad About Monkeys provides all the essential facts and more about one of the world’s most delightfully curious animals!  You’ll learn where monkeys come from, how they swing from tree to tree and why they fight and play with each other.  This beautifully illustrated book by  Owen Davey will have you raving mad about monkeys!

  • One Day On Our Blue Planet: In The Savannah

    Spend the day with this curious lion cub as he chases trouble and fun, minding his mother and father, playing with his cousins, relaxing in the shade, and always exploring his own little corner of our big blue planet.  Ella Bailey‘s playful and inviting illustrations welcome you into this new series of children’s books focused on the way our young animal friends spend their days.

  • Limited Edition Jillian Tamaki ELCAF Tote Bag

    If you missed your chance to get one of these stylish tote bags at ELCAF, don’t worry – today’s your lucky day!  We still have very limited quantities of this wonderful ELCAF souvenir tote designed by this year’s artist in residence Jillian Tamaki, and printed by the specialists at Icon Printing in East London.  Make sure to get one before they’re all gone!

  • Whatever Happened to my Sister?

    A young girl and her older sister were once the best of friends until her older sister started acting… strange.  Convinced that this person is not her sister, the young girl sets out to investigate what exactly happened to her sister.

    Simona Ciraolo, author of the best selling Hug Me, is back with another story that’s sure to tug at your tender heart strings!  Whatever Happened to my Sister? is a touching portrait of the feelings we experience as we watch a sibling grow up.

  • The Little Gardener

    The celebrated author of Wild, Emily Hughes, returns to tell the story of a littler than life Gardener who works hard every day tending to plants that are simply too big for him.  But he won’t let that stop him!  He will always persist and try, no matter what the odds.  With her delicate and magical illustrations, Hughes takes us to a fantastic realm of tiny wonders, hidden in the world we see every day.