• Professor Astro Cat’s Atomic Adventure

    Strap in for another adventure with the world’s foremost feline expert in all things, Professor Astro Cat!

    Ever wonder how a boat floats?  Or why the sky is blue?  Or where electricity comes from?  Well, listen up! Professor Astro Cat has the answers!

    Fresh off his journey through the Frontiers of Space, Professor Astro Cat is back on Earth and ready to explain how physics is responsible for the wonders of the world around us!

  • One Day on our Blue Planet: In the Antarctic

    Ella Bailey’s One Day On Our Blue Planet series continues in the harsh cold of the Antarctic!

    Meet a little Adélie penguin chick, and follow along as she explores the frozen world around her as well as the icy depths below her.  You’ll be sure to encounter Antarctic creatures both big and small.  Some are fierce, and some are friendly – but all of them are resilient residents of our blue planet!

  • Pablo & Jane and the Hot Air Contraption

    A marvelously madcap adventure from the mind of José Domingo!

    Trapped in the Monster Dimension by the evil Dr. Felinibus, Pablo and Jane must find a way home in their broken Hot Air Time Machine.

    Can they survive this race for their lives through Lopsided London, Terrifying Transylvania, Horrid Hawaii, and the rest of the disastrous locales of the Monster Dimension?  It’s up to you to find out!

  • Tough Guys Have Feelings Too

    Keith Negley’s charming illustrations reveal heart wrenching emotions in unexpected places in this fun book that teaches children that even tough guys like wrestlers, astronauts, and superheroes have feelings too.

    Everyone has feelings, in fact, and it’s perfectly okay!

  • Blast Off into Space with our New App, Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System!

    Sign up to the Astro Cat Space Programme and join Professor Astro Cat and his sidekick Astro Mouse on a fact-filled mission to learn all about our solar system!

    Explore the wonders of space in this brand new, beautifully crafted, interactive learning app from our new digital production company Minilab Studios. Read all about it on the Nobrow blog!

  • Beautiful Birds Colouring Book

    Now’s your chance to bring Emmanuelle Walker‘s amazing illustrations to life in the new Beautiful Birds Colouring Book!

    The wonderfully detailed illustrations within call for vibrant colours limited only by the palette of your imagination.  Immerse yourself in the bright and exotic world of the Beautiful Birds Colouring Book, a delightful treat for kids and adults!

  • Shackleton’s Journey Activity Book

    William Grill returns with a new activity book that acts as a companion to his best-selling Shackleton’s Journey!

    This activity book is packed with fun and excitement for all fans of epic adventure and harrowing thrills!  Within these pages you’ll design your own expedition and recruit volunteers, make your own paper boat and magnetic compass, create maps and flags, and test all your knowledge about the South Pole, all with the help of your heroic guide, Sir Ernest Shackleton!

  • Hilda and the Troll Paperback Edition

    Our beloved blue-haired adventurer Hilda returns in a brand-new paperback edition of her very first adventure!

    Hilda encounters a fearsome mountain troll while she explores the woods around her home, but is the troll as dangerous as it seems?  The ever-curious Hilda is about to find out!

    This new paperback edition is the perfect way to welcome newcomers to Luke Pearson‘s brilliant Hildafolk series.

  • Let’s Go Outside

    Introducing a brand new series of mini-hardbacks designed for young readers!  Kids love to be outside in the wonderful world that surrounds us.  There’s so much to see and so much to learn!  Katja Spitzer‘s fun and colourful illustrations in Let’s Go Outside take children for a walk through the great outdoors, teaching them new words for the wonder all around them!